The Journey to Becoming President: Kaley Claudepierre’s Story

Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Psi chapter is excited to welcome its new executive council members into office. As we start a new chapter with new ideas and inspirations, our newly installed president Kaley Claudepierre has been a huge part of pursuing these goals. As former VP1, Kaley was able to see the immense impact the executive council had on the Delta Psi chapter. In her powerful statement, “Being positive is great, but without a foundation behind it, it can be fleeting,” she told of her intentions for this chapter. Kaley sought and continues to seek to have a foundation for this chapter to lean on. Being president has big shoes to fill, and the members of Zeta Tau Alpha have faith Kaley has the capability of filling them in the next year. “A goal I have for our chapter is creating an atmosphere for members to be able to have a deeply rooted passion for being a member. Now I understand this goal may seem unattainable or just plain silly, but I acknowledge the basis of many issues we may face in our chapter comes from people not having a genuine sense of belonging.” Kaley’s ambition to construct a foundation where every member of Zeta Tau Alpha can feel seen and known is a goal the rest of the executive council carries as well. The question may arise, “How does Kaley plan on making one feel as though they belong?” Her answer, “Forcing someone to feel a certain way never works; if anything, it pushes them farther away. One statement which stuck out to me during this past recruitment process was simple yet had a powerful message: “people join people.” In the same way, people stay because of people. When you feel as though people know you and know you well, you feel a sense of belonging. By creating a program to initiate conversations and allow people to freely open up, slowly but surely members will start to recognize or begin to see why Zeta is their home. I feel as an EC member, you play a vital role in setting the tone for the chapter. Having leaders who care and strive to know individual members is something I think will make a huge impact on our chapter.” This is just one of the many ideas our President Kaley Claudepierre has for installing a more enjoyable and depth filled unity this upcoming year. She sees a bright future for this chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha. In the first week, Kaley and the other council members were installed, they made a list of the goals they intend to fulfill before their term ends. The first being, “creating memorable and meaningful experiences.” it is easy to get caught up in the idea of being in a sorority and the fun it brings. However, the new EC hopes to introduce fun experiences that also allows members to realize the importance of being part of a sorority. “Enhance communication” is the second goal. EC aspires to fulfill their leadership roles, while also establishing an atmosphere which gives members access to communicate about any and everything. Moreover, our council also wishes to have “servant hearts” this term. They want to serve their chapter rather than expecting anything from it. They long to fulfill the needs of the chapter above their own. As there are many other goals this council seeks to uphold, these are just a few Kaley and the rest of EC are passionate about pursuing. We are so grateful for a president who has aspirations and intentions for this chapter to be better. We cannot wait to see what this upcoming year will bring to the chapter of Delta Psi.



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