A letter to Potential New Members about to go through Sorority Recruitment

By: Carson Hungerford

Dear Potential New Members,

So, you’ve decided to go through sorority recruitment! Recruitment is exciting! It is also hot, invigorating, empowering, oversharing, answering the same question 30 different ways, wonderful, and an emotional rollercoaster. The most important thing you can do leading up to recruitment and during the process is to relax.  Whatever is meant to be will happen. Stressing about recruitment is not going to change the outcome of the week. It’s only going to increase your anxiety about the whole process while hindering your overall experience. 

When you walk into each house, it is crucial that you be yourself.  You want to end up in a sorority that likes you for who you are, not for a facade you put on to fit in with others.  Authenticity will lead to more valuable conversations and help you match your values to the proper house. Talk about things you are passionate about, the things you find most intriguing and what makes you who you are. Present yourself in the most positive way possible while also being authentic to yourself. Be confident. Smile. Most importantly, ask lots and lots of questions, take notes after each house and round, and take time to reflect each day on your notes and experience. Understand that active sorority members are just as nervous, if not more than you are. Members want you to ask questions. Members want you to like them. Wear clothes that you feel good in, that are comfortable and not distracting. Do your hair and makeup in a way that makes you feel your brightest.

Another important thing I learned while participating in recruitment is that you cannot let others opinions on a house influence how you feel about it.  Not everyone is going to feel the same way about a house, and that is alright. Be confident in how you feel about a house. This is 100% your decision to make. It is completely normal to feel confused or overwhelmed.  Talk to your Rho-Gammas. They are there to help with the entire process, and to be a shoulder to lean on. Do not overthink your decision and trust your gut. You know yourself and how you feel better than anyone else.  Do not stress yourself out. Make sure to get lots of sleep and drink plenty of water and eat, which will help with sound decision making during recruitment.

The active members in the sororities have been in the same spot you are now. Members want you to feel welcomed, valued, calm, and relaxed. Remember that just because your list of invites back to houses may not look exactly how you expected, does not mean you should give up on the process. Give each house a chance and maximize your options each day of recruitment by attending all parties you are invited to. Keeping an open mind throughout the process is the best advice to take away from this post!


Good luck, you got this!


We look forward to meeting YOU!


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