What Did the Sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Psi Learn in 2019?

As a new year has begun, I have realized it is important to reflect on the prior year. With that being said, there are so many sisters with different stories within our chapter of Delta Psi. I reached out to a few of them to ask what they learned in the past year. Here’s what they wrote:

  • Layne Peterson (Sophomore PC ’18) wrote, “This year, although things might not have always gone as planned or exactly how I wanted them, doesn’t mean that there isn’t still good to be found in that. I’ve learned that you can get through bad times and there will always be better ones ahead as long as you are surrounded by people who love you and cherish you.”
  • Kelsey Richardson (Junior PC ’17) said, “Over this past year, I have learned to have joy no matter what my circumstances are or what season of life I’m in. I’ve learned to be present wherever I’m at. This year was one of the hardest and most growing years of my life. I learned to be 100% myself and be confident in who I am and who the Lord calls me to be. I’ve learned more about my future and what I’m headed toward and couldn’t be more excited for 2020 and to see what all it has in store.”
  • MC McBride (Senior PC ’16) said, “The fruits of the spirit became more prevalent in my life this past year. I knew them all my life but the past year I realized how important they are and each month I chose a new one to pray for and have seen the Lord change my life in so many ways through it. For example, praying for peace helping me before going on tour knowing that that’s where I was supposed to be. And praying for patience helped me so much with friendships and with my babysitting job last summer. Also love and loving others better and not focusing on what’s best for me but for others as well.”
  • Kylie Pitt (Sophomore PC ’18) wrote, “I learned the friendships I gained through last year are friends that I now can’t live without. I was able to realize the importance of being thankful for the people who help make me a better person. From them, I was able to find my identity in Christ, find peace in the unknown, find satisfaction in being still in this crazy life, and find things that genuinely make me happy. Before I met these girls, I did not know who I was or how important I was. I never thought I could be loved and cared for this much. I learned to cherish them and thank them daily for being my best part of me.”
  • Cammille Stroud (Freshman PC ’19) said, “Coming into college I was so worried about making true, intentional relationships but I don’t think I really even knew what that meant until I became a zeta. I’ve learned to love bigger and serve my sisters the best way I can.”
  • Kylie Ballard (Junior PC ’17) said, “I have learned many things, but one thing I am going to take with me is that you need the people around you. I am used to being a one-man show and relying on myself because I am very particular, but I had to learn to lean on those around me to be my hand and feet when I needed it, and theirs when they need(ed) it!”
  • Lisette Falk (Sophomore PC ’18) learned “it is okay to accept defeat because I have the strongest support group who will pick me up and walk alongside me despite what I might be going through, I learned that admitting when you need help or when you are struggling is a huge part of life.”
  • AJ Mabry (Senior PC ’16) said, “This past year I learned to have faith in the unknown. Being a senior and getting ready to graduate and find a job is scary, especially for someone like me who likes to have things all planned out, but God has taught me that He is faithful and always provides.”

All of these women and the rest of Delta Psi have learned lessons throughout 2019. The root of almost all of these lessons is relationships. Most of these relationships being from the sisterhood we share. Through this sisterhood, growth has happened in so many women’s lives. Speaking for all of us, the Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Psi chapter has brought meaning, depth, growth, and so much more to each individual’s life. While each person will suffer from mistakes, heartbreaks, failures, and losses, it is important to have a community where you can depend on support and encouragement. This sisterhood has provided sisters with people who will pick up and carry their baggage with them so they don’t have to carry it alone. “Going into 2020, my desire for the sisters within this chapter is for them to continue their growth and learn many new inspirational lessons they can take with them for the rest of their lives.”

Much love to the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpa Delta Psi

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