A Zeta’s Guide to Studying Abroad: London

When I first enrolled at Samford, I already knew that I wanted to study abroad. Studying abroad can be a once in a lifetime experience that grows you and changes your perspective on the world. Luckily, Samford has a pretty amazing list of study abroad programs for you to choose from.

Already signed up to go, but don’t know what you want to see while you’re there? Don’t have any plans yet, but need help deciding where to go? Just interested in learning about new places? This blog series is for you!  Throughout this series, zetas who have studied abroad all over the world will share their experiences and tips with you.

We’ll start our trip around the world in…LONDON!

Who: Ashley Steiner
Where: London, UK
When: Jan Term 2018
Class: Arts in Society

Favorite Places:
1. Notting Hill: “THE cutest London neighborhood with storybook houses. Bring your camera and go on Saturday to visit the Portobello Market. Cath Kidston is my favorite store in the area but there are tons of local vendors set up at the market.”
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

2. High Tea: “A London MUST. I went to The Orangery at Kensington Palace (yes, tea at the palace!). It was magical, that is all.”


3. Borough Market: “A really good food market with homemade grilled cheese, artisan coffee and tons of fresh produce (great lunch place!)”

4. Art Museums: “There are so many! The Victorian and Albert, Courtauld Institute of Art, National Portrait Gallery, Tate Britain and more!”

5.  Ride on the Tube (London Underground): “It’s such an easy way to get around London and it’s fun!”

6.  The Shard: “A Super tall (like super, super tall) skyscraper with incredible views of the city.”


7. Covent Garden: “Really nice shopping area (Cambridge Satchel Co. is my favorite store!)”

8. Harrods Department Store: “It’s massive! Gotta see the chocolate room…. spent two hours in there, oops.”

9. Abbey Road: “It’s a real road with real cars. Real cool, but don’t get in their way haha.”

10. “Walk around the side streets and swoon at the houses in Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea- you’ll want to move in ASAP.”

11. Buckingham Palace: “A London staple.”

12. Red Phone Booth: “Like did you even go to London if you didn’t take a picture with one?”

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Food: “The food everywhere is amazing- Paul, Pret a Manger, Brown & Rosie, Kensington Creperie, and anything that looks local were my go-to places. You seriously can’t go wrong! Waitrose, the neighborhood grocery has great food too if you’re looking for a low-cost meal at home.”

Weekend Travel: “I went to Paris one weekend and it was so easy to travel there and back in a short 48 hours.”

Tips for studying abroad in London:
1. Bring converter electrical plugs
2. Have a credit card for international travel that doesn’t charge international fees
3. Get an international phone plan to use while you’re out and about during the day
4. Use Google Maps to figure out which Tube stops to take

“I could honestly go on and on forever about London. It is one of the dreamiest places I’ve ever been to! It was amazing to live in London’s best neighborhood (Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea) for 17 days!”



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