Get to know the Delta Psi Advisors

If you have been following the Delta Psi Instagram (you definitely should. Check out some recent posts on the right side of the page ->), you would have noticed that we just finished up a spotlight series on our Delta Psi Advisors.

For those of you who don’t know, our chapter Executive Council is led and advised by a group of ZTA alumnae. It’s my honor to share with you the amazing women who help us out on a day to day basis.

IMG_3356Amanda Moulin: General Advisor
ZTA Chapter: Theta Nu
Fun Fact: My twin sister is also a Zeta, Becca Rampe.
Why I advise? I love advising. I have advised for 10 years now. I enjoy mentoring and building relationships with collegiate women to help them rise to their fullest potential, and help them attain personal, officer or chapter goals. It is not always easy, but seeing the great things women can do with encouragement and positive guidance is an enriching, rewarding experience.



Tori Beckahm: Judicial Advisor
ZTA Chapter: Delta Psi (2005)
Fun Fact: I’m still best friends with a group from my pledge class #zetaisforever. 😂
Why I advise? I advise because I’m thankful to invest in the chapter who invested in me and taught me about leadership and loyalty. I enjoy judicial advising in particular because as a Christian I believe truth spoken with grace shows love in its purest form. I pray our committee love the sisters who visit us well!


Jamie Smith: Membership Advisor
ZTA Chapter: Gamma Rho
Fun Fact: Hmmm, maybe that I have my own legacy, 3 year old daughter who I hope will be a Zeta one day!
Why I advise?  I am going into my second year of advising. Originally, I wanted to advise because I wanted to give back to Zeta, but I am realizing in my advisor role that Zeta is continuing to give back to me. Zeta helped me so much during college in many ways such as leadership roles, school, and in my friendships, and I am grateful to have this opportunity to give back. It’s so neat to have this special bond with the collegiate sisters and to be able to be a resource, advisor, friend, and of course sister. I enjoy meeting all the chapter members and encouraging and helping them in any way I can.

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Janna Perry: Ritual Advisor
ZTA Chapter: Zeta Psi (initiated), Eta Rho (affiliated)
Fun fact: I traveled with my best friend who is also a Zeta to Los Angeles, CA to receive my Honor Ring at the 2014 ZTA Convention.
Why do I advise? I advise because I want to give back to ZTA, who has given me so much over the years. I want to be a part of continuing our amazing sisterhood so women can always have the opportunity to say Zeta is Forever. I am blessed to meet and work with young women who are in the beginning years of their ZTA life and also advise with women who I am blessed to know because of ZTA. I give to Zeta, but wow, I get so much more in return.


Dory Baker: Financial Advisor
ZTA Chapter: Alpha Nu
Fun Fact/ Why I advise? My grand big got me interested in advising. ZTA was such a big part of my life in college – I’ve missed that. We had such great advisers at my chapter in college too. They really made a positive impact on our chapter and all those with whom they interacted. I hope I can use my professional skills and past experience as a treasurer; as well as my passion for ZTA, to have a similar positive impact on Delta Psi.

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Becca Rampe: Academic Acheivement Advisor
ZTA Chapter: Theta Nu
Fun Fact: I’m a ZTA National Officer as the District President of North Carolina.
Why I advise? When advising I think of the quote: “Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.” I strive to assist women in becoming their individual version of what it means to be strong and work through challenges that may be impacting their success academically and personally.


Thank you ladies for all that you do for Delta Psi!



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