Somebody call 9-1-1!

The members of Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Psi chapter have returned to Samford’s annual Step Sing show after not performing since winter of 2020 due to the pandemic. Having not performed in the show for the past two years, the members of Delta Psi were ready to put everything they had into their performance!

Delta Psi chapter post performance with women’s division champion trophy

Step Sing has a long-standing history on the Samford University campus. “Step Sing began as a sing-along on the steps of Renfroe Hall at the Howard College EastLake Campus in 1951. Under the direction of the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management and the Office of Student Activities and Events, Step Sing is organized by students, including musical arrangement, choreography and costume design.” – Samford University, 2022. It is special because it is solely put on by the students & organizations on campus, and for roughly 2 months the entire campus is filled with excitement over Step Sing! 

Upper-classmen in Zeta have the opportunity to direct our show, and they always do an amazing job. Mary Brittan Burgess, who is also the Panhellenic President, was a first-time director this year, and she shared how much she loved it: “Directing Step Sing has by far been my most favorite thing that I have done at Samford. This year is my 8th year either coming to a Step Sing show or being in one myself. I was able to be on committee my freshman year so to be able to direct a show of my own was a dream come true. We had such an amazing performance only because of the wonderful people who I got to share the title of “Director” with. Emma Loftin did a wonderful job with the music, teaching people who did not know how to sing sound like that had been for years. AC Merville was the largest blessing doing all things spreadsheets and logistics better than I could have ever imagined. You may not realize it but logistics is one of the largest parts of Step Sing. To be able to choreograph creatively put this show together was unlike anything I have ever done before. As I tell many people, I can’t particularly sing or dance all that well, but I just know a lot about Step Sing! The women in our show were such a joy to work with and despite many unforeseen circumstances they truly were there for one another through thick and thin. More than anything this was the most amazing part of Step Sing. To see relationships form and people be there for each other like never before. At the end of the day that is the biggest win in and of itself, that we would act more like the body of Christ to one another.” 

Along with our other amazing directors, Mary Brittan Burgess, Emma Loftin, AC Merville, and the other 75 hardworking, determined sisters that participated this year, ZTA’s show, “Rookies” was able to place FIRST!

Sophomore Madison Reed, new member coordinator,  expresses that “Step Sing was something I have always wanted to be a part of ever since coming to Samford so to be able to be in Zeta’s show as a sophomore was an incredible blessing and something I never would’ve dreamed of. I knew it was going to be hard work, full dedication everyday, and a ridiculous amount of fun but I didn’t realize how rewarding it was going to be. It allowed me to meet girls in the sorority that I would not have met otherwise and spend quality time getting to know them and pursue a true friendship. In the show, all 75 of us had to work together and give 100% and then some if we wanted to succeed and bring home that big trophy that we all wanted. it was hands down the greatest experiences of my life and something i will never forget.” 

Another sophomore, Adrien Mercado, shared, “I honestly miss Step Sing every week and already can’t wait for next year!!!! The practices were long and it honestly felt like a true sport for the few weeks of daily practice, but it was worth every second. Of course it paid off because we won, but the relationships formed from it really made it worth it. On the day of the last show for some reason it felt like we were being attacked; someone’s dad was rushed to the hospital, we had to throw a sister in the show last minute, one of our sisters was in critical condition in the hospital, etc. This was the moment I felt true sisterhood. It wasn’t just a show anymore, it was a group of women coming together, supporting, praying, and doing it for each other. Step Sing is special honestly, 40 hours together, you’re bound to get closer to these women, and that’s exactly what happened.” 

Emma Maddux, Jacey Robinson, Neely Turner, Emma Nunn, Olivia Hewitt (Left to Right)

Junior Ellen Conley, who is the Director of Activities, also shares her experience during Step Sing. “Step Sing is one of the most fun and worthwhile things I have done in ZTA. Being a part of Step Sing was so special for a variety of reasons. First, I got to watch some of my best friends create and direct an award-winning show. How cool is it that they spent countless hours putting together something that would not only go on to win Step Sing, but would bring such a wide variety of people together? The answer: very cool. Second, being on committee gave me a front row seat of what happens behind the scenes that so few people actually see. The time and effort put in by our directors, committee members, prop sisters (OF COURSE), and participants was unreal! Third, I was reminded of why I love our sisterhood so much! While preparing for our own show, our directors also took extra time that they definitely did not have to help the freshman directors who were struggling with their show. We got to see Seniors pour in to so many underclassmen in such impactful ways during a very taxing season. Our chapter focused on learning respect and dedication over just simply learning choreography. We put aside practice time to care for a sister in need. There are countless other examples I could list that represent why I am so proud to be a ZTA. That’s just what firefighters (& zetas) do!” 

Step Sing is a favorite ZTA memory for so many of our members, and it is easy to see why! For us, Step Sing is never about winning, but it’s about forming new relationships and growing closer to other members of the Delta Psi Chapter here at Samford University. To be a member of ZTA, is not only an opportunity to form lasting friendships and to spend 4 years having loads of fun, but it truly brings out the talent in everyone, whether it is through art, directing, choreographing, dancing, singing, acting, or just being in the audience supporting for one of the most beloved traditions at Samford. 

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