Dear Potential New Member,

Well, here we are! Less than 100 days from Sorority Recruitment 2021! I bet right now you are feeling a lot of things about the topic of recruitment. You might be nervous, excited, anxious, dreading it, or wishing to flash forward to bid day??? Maybe all of the above? All of these  feelings are valid when it comes to the journey you are about to embark on by going through recruitment. Some of you are going to have an easy week, while some might have struggles for various reasons. Everyone experiences recruitment differently, and that is okay.

My name is Jacey Robinson, and I am a junior at Samford University. I am the Vice President III of Membership and Recruitment for Zeta Tau Alpha, Delta Psi chapter. I get the honor of planning a recruitment experience for you all with the intention of each of you leaving our house feeling loved, valued, and connected. These are three things that I was searching for when I decided to go through recruitment two years ago. 

Going through recruitment was not something that I ever hesitated doing when I was preparing to go to college. My mom and grandma were both in sororities and told me all of the fun opportunities and memories given to them through their membership. I also knew I wanted to get plugged in on campus and to me, Greek Life seemed like the best option. I signed up for Formal Panhellenic Recruitment the day registration opened–like I said, zero hesitation. I was not nervous, just excited. Like I am sure you have, I looked up each chapter on social media so I could get a “feel” for where I could end up. I had my top choice figured out before I even met anyone in that chapter.  Soon enough, it was September 3rd and I was standing in line waiting to walk into my first party. I was terrified. The little bit of excitement was still there, but my nerves were through the roof. Would I say the right thing by being myself? Would they like what I was wearing? Was I “pretty enough” to be in their sorority? Would I end up in my “top choice” just based on insta aesthetic? As I sit here two years later, I am laughing at myself because, in reality, none of this mattered. What matters is the people you talk to and the conversations that occur yielding those three things of feeling loved, valued, and connected by most importantly being your authentic self.

If I had to give one piece of advice for all the women going through recruitment, it would be to relax. Stressing about recruitment is not going to change the outcome of the week. This is way easier said than done, but truly–as cliche as it sounds– you will end up where you are meant to be. The only thing that you can control within this process is whether or not you choose to be yourself, and trust your own judgment. Do not let your roommate, an older friend already in a chapter, your mom, your sister, or anyone else’s opinion influence you. Not everyone is going to feel the same way about a chapter, and that is alright. Be confident in how you feel about a chapter. You will hear rumors and “stereotypes” about each chapter before recruitment, but you are going to find people of all different backgrounds, personalities, majors, etc. in each sorority. So just be yourself and focus on where you feel you will grow the most. Your Recruitment Counselors are super helpful throughout the week. They are there to offer you unbiased advice to help you make the best possible decisions for yourself! 

Here are some words of advice from women in Zeta Tau Alpha, Delta Psi chapter about why they chose ZTA and what encouraged them during recruitment:

“I chose ZTA because from night one of recruitment I could tell that the women in our chapter are the kind of women that by the time I graduate college, I hoped to be more like! I knew that they would challenge me to be the best that I could be.”

– AC MERVILLE, New Member Class ‘19, Director of Sisterhood and Recruitment Logistics Coordinator

“Going through recruitment can be a nerve-racking experience but can result in being surrounded by women who empower, support, and give unconditional love. ZTA has given me women who are my backbone during trials and are sunshine when things get tough. I am confident that Zeta is where I belong because it is a place that encourages diversity and individualism while honoring integrity.”

– SAVANNAH WOODLAND, New Member Class ’20, Think Pink Chairman and Recruitment Committee

“I decided to go through recruitment because I wanted to foster lasting friendships with a group of women who shared similar values as me and pushed me to grow in various areas of life!”

– REGAN LANG, New Member Class ‘20, Philanthropy Committee and Recruitment Committee

“From the moment I accepted my bid to ZTA I have found intentional friendships and outpouring love from every sister. We truly want the best for each other and I have felt that support and encouragement from the very beginning. From the late-night drives, fun dinner dates with sisters, and trips I have made the best memories that I will treasure forever. I am so thankful I have found this community of fun, loving, and supportive women to surround myself for my four years at Samford and many relationships that will last for the rest of my life.”

– KATHRYN MOUCHETTE, New Member Class ‘20, Sunshine Chairman and Recruitment Committee

“I wanted to go through recruitment to be able to meet a group that would empower me and push me to be the best. During recruitment ZTA made me feel wanted. I felt like I could be myself and authentic; they wanted me to be the best version of myself.”

– SARAH BROWN, New Member Class ‘19, Recording Secretary

“The women in ZTA made me feel so loved from the first round of recruitment and continue to make me feel loved every single day. I can truly say that the women I’ve met through ZTA are my best friends, support system, and of course, sisters. They always push me to be the best version of myself…I am so honored to call myself a ZTA!”

– ANNALEE GEORGE, New Member Class ‘20, Director of Membership Enrichment and Alternate Panhellenic Delegate 

“I went through recruitment searching for genuine women who I knew would rally around me and push me to grow into a better woman, and that’s exactly what I’ve found in ZTA. Delta Psi pushes sisters to be the best version of their unique selves, but it also is a space where it’s okay to fail and when you do, your sisters are right there encouraging you to try again. I continue to choose ZTA because the sisters of our chapter truly are becoming women that are unafraid to be themselves and grow into the next generation of leaders that this world needs.”

– BAILEY BALDWIN, New Member Class ‘20, Intramural Chairman and New Member Committee

“I went through recruitment to try to find a place of belonging since I was going to a school where I knew no one. During that process, I was drawn to Zeta not necessarily because of the aspects of the sorority, but how the women in the chapter carried out their lives at Samford. Each woman I met was so caring and deeply involved in organizations and invested in their communities at Samford/Birmingham. I knew I wanted to surround myself with them to give me a push to be my best self and make roots on this campus by being involved and invested to get the most out of my time here and give back to the Samford community.”

– MATTIE GRACE HOLLEY, New Member Class ‘19, Academic Achievement Chairman

“I ultimately decided to go through recruitment because I moved 13 hours away from home. As a freshman, that’s scary! I wanted to immediately involve myself with a community that would push me to become a woman of character in addition to being ‘my home away from home’. In ZTA, I felt as if I could fully ‘be Lisette’ while being shaped and molded into the best version of myself. Every single member that I have come in contact with over the past three years has proven this to me over and over.” 

-LISETTE FALK, New Member Class ‘18, Chaplain

If you are already signed up for recruitment, WOOHOO!! Let’s do this thing!! I am so pumped for you and to meet you! If you’re on the fence about this whole sorority thing, I want to encourage you to sign up and just see if it is for you. You never know until you try! I have included the link to register below and feel free to reach out to me or Samford Panhellenic with any questions! @samfordpanhellenic is a great resource for tips on what to expect going through the week, as well as the Samford Guides App which will have helpful information regarding outfits, schedules, etc. 

Zeta Tau Alpha and Samford Greek Life as a whole have been the biggest blessing in my life. The women in my chapter and other chapters on campus have shown me true loyalty and how important it is to be yourself.  Samford Greek Life is unique because there is a camaraderie among each Panhellenic chapter and a sisterhood within. You will have friendships spread across several sororities during your four years, or maybe you will have a tight-knit group just in your future chapter. Either way, everyone is rooting for you to find your home. You want to end up in a sorority that loves you for who you are, not for a facade you put on to fit in with others.  Make sure to get lots of sleep, drink plenty of water, and eat, which will help with sound decision-making during recruitment. So, with all of that being said, SIGN UP FOR RECRUITMENT! Go Bulldogs and Go Greek!! I cannot wait for you to find your home!

Apply for recruitment through Samford:

Learn more about Samford’s chapters:

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