What is ZTA up to this summer?

By: Kelsey Richardson

WOW! It has been one heck of a summer for Delta Psi!! From internships to camps, to studying abroad, our girls have been doing some really amazing things and taking advantage of some really cool opportunities this summer!

As August has just begun, that means the start of the school year is almost here and so is recruitment! We wanted to share a couple of the things we have been up to this summer to give you an insight into the diverse group of women that make up our chapter!

Leah (PC ’18) – “This summer I have been in Athens, Greece with an organization called Greater Europe Missions. My team was split up into three groups, and my group has been working with an Evangelical church in Glyfada, Greece! With this church, we have been working with their refugee ministry. We’ve been able to build relationships with them, as well as help them in training as they start a business to make money. We have also done ministry with Greek highschool and college students. We were able to share the gospel with them, spend time with them, and be a light to them as we got to know them. Not only that, but we have done homeless ministry where we would pass out water, tea, and sandwiches to the homeless on the street. We have also done lots of administrative work for the church, as well as babysitting for the pastor’s family and other missionary families! Not only did we work in Athens, but we got to go to the Island of Lesvos where we were involved in more refugee ministry. We spent time with a Muslim refugee who accepted Christ into their life and saw another refugee be completely healed from a hurting leg! On this trip, God has taught me SO much about myself, other cultures, and what it’s like to share His love. He has done some AWESOME things and has also shown me my calling for life!!!”

Sara Grace (PC ’17) – “This summer I went to Uganda for 5 weeks to spread the love and word of God with Heal Ministries. This was my fourth and longest trip to Uganda. Every year our team brings over supplies for the kids at Family Spirit, which is a school and has recently become an orphanage as well. These kids only get school supplies and toiletries once a year so it is very important they are given the necessities to do well in school. This year to help fundraise, I asked our chapter to help donate items or money for supplies to take to Uganda. In just one week, I was so overwhelmed by the donations and support and was able to buy over $200 worth of supplies. While I was in Uganda, I got to do so many amazing things from hiking waterfalls to loving on the sweet kids and families there. It was the most incredible experience and I couldn’t have done it without the support of my ZTA sisters!”

Weslyn (PC ’16) – “Working in the Country Music industry has always been a dream of mine. After having incredible experiences performing with some of the most influential artists in my musical journey, I knew that in some way, shape, or form, I had to work in the business. I, along with everyone have heard the phrase, ‘if you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.’ I took that to heart and when it was time to fulfill my graduation requirements by secr=uring an internship, I went bold. I always knew I wanted to end up in Nashville, so doing an internship anywhere else just didn’t make sense. I wanted to make connections meet people, and begin networking myself. So I found a company that seemed to be my ‘glass slipper’ and I just went for it. I sent in my resume and was asked to interview and then asked to join the team. Living in Nashville this summer has been incredible and the experiences that I face daily make me feel like I’m living in an alternate universe. Though each day brings new tasks and responsibilities, I’ve gotten to do things like work CMA Fest from the industry side, create graphic designs for artists that will be released on a national level, sit across the table from viral sensations, and shake hands with legends in the country music industry. I am still in that ‘pinch me’ phase, but I am soaking in every moment and constantly trying to contain my inner fangirl. Without my ZTA sisters cheering me on every step of this journey, there’s no way that I could pack up and move 8 hours from home, believing in myself the way I do, or confidently take steps towards who I am and who I strive to be. I am so blessed in so many ways and it’s moments like these that make me realize that!”

Julia (PC ’17) – “This summer, I have been working an internship at a company called ApolloMD. I worked under the lady who does all of the payroll and staffing for the ER doctors in a Wellstar hospital. This not only gave me the opportunity to learn more about the patient side of the hospital care but allowed me to see all of the backgrounds that go into healthcare. It has been the best experience and I am so thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to work with this company!”

Sarah (PC ’16) – “I had the chance to spend two weeks in Kailua, Hawaii at the beginning of the summer. My sister married a marine and they are stationed out there for 3 years. It was literally the best trip of my life. We went cliff jumping, ate lots of local food, went to see where Pearl Harbor happened and saw lots of beaches. The best part was getting to bring my best friend and zeta sister along with me. I loved driving around and exploring the island and trying all the food. It was an incredible experience!”

Alyssa (PC ’17) – “I was so blessed with the opportunity to spend the entire summer abroad! I started off in Grenoble, France in May and was there all through June. While I was there I took weekend trips to places like Marseille and Paris! Then I went to Spain for a week off from classes. In Spain, I met up with a friend of mine from a past foreign exchange program and we explored Madrid together! And now I am currently in Germany for the next six weeks studying German! I’ve had an amazing time and the adventure will continue until December as I start my next study abroad program in London in the fall!”

Sloane (PC ’16) – “For the month of July, I am studying abroad in Florence, Italy! I’m taking a Food and Culture class where I literally get to cook every day and get to learn so many Italian recipes. It’s such a dream!! I highly encourage everyone in college to study abroad if you get the chance. It’s the most incredible experience and you will grow and learn so much – not only about the culture but also about yourself. It is so easy to get caught up with life in America that you forget there’s an entire world out there, filled with so many different people, cultures, languages, and foods!! I’m so thankful for this experience of a lifetime, and that I get to do it with my best friend I met through ZTA!”

Kylie (PC ’17) – “This summer I had the opportunity to pursue my passion in digital marketing in my hometown of Austin, Texas. I am currently interning for a company called Q2ebanking. In short, Q2 is a software company that reaches out to local banks to help them make money by creating user-friendly apps and websites for them. Over Q2’s short time as a company, they have already acquired 4 other lines of business in the banking industry as well. I tell you all of this because I have had the opportunity to work with the project managers (the people that run each line of business’s marketing) to optimize their organic search and pay per click advertising. You may be thinking “I have no clue what that means”, and trust me when I say I had NO CLUE what it meant 11 weeks ago. This internship has been so much more than I ever would have expected. I thought I would be working on a small project in the back and bringing the occasional cup of coffee. But here I am having optimized 5,000 keywords for an entire company, having lead 12 meetings with people with way more markering experience than me, and giving a presentation next week to 50 people about my project. It’s amazing how quickly something that I had no clue about became something that people were relying on me to teach. Overall, I have felt all of the emotions this summer of confusion, realization, failure, accomplishment, and overall have been adulting to the max, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing because I have learned so much.”

While our chapter has been up to many incredible adventures and experiences this summer, we cannot wait to all be back together here in a couple of weeks! You know what they say, “It’s always better when we’re together,” and that reigns true here in Delta Psi. We can’t wait to hear more about all of our sister’s summers! We are also so excited to hear from PNMs during recruitment about their summer adventures too!


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