Mr. Samford Recap

Mr. Samford was a true success this year. 2018 was the first year contestants took the stage in the Wright Center after many years of hosting the event in Seibert Gym.


The boys thrived as they goofed off on-stage with a crowd of over 500 people laughing and soaking in every moment. The judges definitely struggled in picking an overall winner.

However, Jacob Stewart was crowned Mr. Samford after his infamous hockey monologue and his story of his not-so-rocky road upbringing. Oh, his favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla, if you were wondering.


Daylin won Mr. Congeniality after he wowed the crowd with his incredible duet dance.

Logan raised the most money through Venmo and cash donations after he wooed the ladies while singing Dixieland Delight with his sweet country accent.

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