Zeta Tau Alpha is: Leadership

One of the many qualities that defines a zeta is leadership. We are a sisterhood of young women who strive to be ever growing and advancing in our fields, as well as women who exemplify servant leadership.

Recently, a few of our sisters were able to attend two conferences based on leadership in the Greek Community: The Officer Leadership Academy, and the Coalition for Collegiate Women’s Leadership.

ZTA Officer Leadership Academy: 

At this conference, our VPIII, Risk Chair, Treasurer and President got to spend time learning the values of leadership and how to apply those to our chapter.


Here’s a note from our Delta Psi President, Brantley Taylor, about her experience:

“So recently I Went to Atlanta for the officer leadership academy for zta. It was a very unique experience where myself, our treasurer, our risk education and awareness chair, and our membership chair got to interact with other zta chapters across the south east. We got to hear about other campus cultures, new programming ideas, and how to better our chapters based upon what was or was not working at other schools. There was also a sense of community there because these girls were going through the exact same things as you and they could actually relate. As well as it being a learning experience about Zta as a whole, it was an opportunity to learn more about how to better ourselves as leaders for the good of our chapter. At the end of the day I’m just another college student who happened to be chosen to lead president, but now I really do have a duty to my chapter to be the best leader I know how. The convention really taught me valuable skills to making myself the best version of me I can be.”

Coalition for Collegiate Women’s Leadership

Our Panhellenic Delegate and two Panhellenic Executive members in Zeta attended this conference with other panhellenic executives and chairs from the different chapters on Samford’s campus.

Our Panhellenic Delegate, Audrey Verdesca, noted several facts and moments from her experience at the conference. Here are some leadership tips that she gained and wants to share with everyone:

-We need to support one another because of their passion, not because of how their accomplisments reflect on the chapter (PREACH!)

-Your abilitiy to lead depends on your ability to connect

-People will begin to care about your cause when they begin to care about you

-Develop intentional relationships (YES. AMEN.)

-Live responsibly and respectably.


The memories and lessons that our sisters took home from these conferences are some that can apply not only to Zeta leadership but to every woman in our chapter. To lead is not only to hold a position but to take up a cause that no one else will and to serve where there is a need. This principle of leadership is one that shapes our sisterhood and we cannot wait to see how these amazing women will take what they learned and continue to influence our chapter.

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