recruitment: girl, you’ve got this!

Hey girl going through recruitment – You’ve GOT this!

Hey girl on the other side – You’ve GOT this!

Rush is a roller coaster of emotions, right? It’s fun, like really really fun. You get to meet lots of new people and learn about six incredible organizations, but the fear of the unknown and the butterflies can be endless. You know what? There’s no need to worry. Really. Girl, you’ve GOT this!

To the girl going through recruitment – You are loved, worthy, smart, beautiful, and oh so wonderful! No matter where you end up on Bid Day, you are never defined by those letters. With each house you walk into next week, don’t worry about fitting into a certain place. Don’t make your decision because of someone else’s expectations or opinions. Keep your eyes and heart open; see what fits YOU the best.

To the girl on the other side – Let’s welcome with open arms, shall we? What an incredible honor it is to bring potential new members into our home! Remember how you felt when you went through recruitment? It really wasn’t that long ago! Time FLIES when you’re having fun. Now you’re on the other side–and it’s more exciting now than ever!! Savor these sweet moments in growing closer with your sisters while searching for new.

Okay, ladies. Take a deep breath. Recruitment starts TOMORROW! Are you excited yet?! I know I am. Get plenty of sleep, keep an open mind, focus on what’s best for you, and be yourself. It’s so freeing and comforting to know we never walk through life alone–even in the crazy busiest or mind-bogeling confusing moments. Girl, you’ve GOT this!

You are free. Be who you already are. -Rebekah Lyons 


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