sisterhood story :: abby carbonara

This week’s sisterhood story is from our girl Abby Carbonara! We love you, Abby! Thanks for always keeping us laughing & bringing so much energy & positivity to our chapter!! Read Abby’s sisterhood story below:

“Never in my life before I got to Samford would I ever be able to tell you that I would be in a sorority. Even the idea was like my mom telling me I was going to get kicked out of the house – it was just something that was unimaginable and hopefully wouldn’t happen. And I was right, my mom never kicked me out. But, I was also wrong, because I am now in a member of Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Psi Chapter and I cannot tell you how much joy it has brought into my life. I was so hesitant to be labeled as a “sorority girl” for the rest of my life, but once I found a home as amazing as Zeta Tau Alpha, I didn’t care anymore. When I first walked into Zeta, I knew there was something special about it, and that is still so true – it gives me a new reason to be so happy every day. I found a place FULL of people who are just like me, but also a place that is FULL of people who are not just like me, and that is something that is so rare to find in the sorority world. The diversity that Delta Psi brings to the table is insane and I love every bit of it. I have met my best friends here, I have met the future leaders of not only Samford University, but also the United States. I have met the most pure, beautiful, wild, funny, spontaneous friends in the entire world here at Delta Psi. This is not a chapter to be overlooked – it is SO amazing and SO unique. Whether you consider yourself a “sorority girl” or not, consider being a sister of Delta Psi, because I can guarantee you that half the people in our chapter never considered themselves being in a sorority either. But now, we are the happiest we’ve ever been. Take it from me, Delta Psi is the best place in the world to be and we would love nothing more than to have you in our chapter.”

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