Crowned Devotional – feat. final exams

The only thing standing between you & summer break is final exam week. Let that settle in for a minute. We’re almost there!! The end of spring semester brings some of the busiest, most stressful, sleepless, & overwhelming times–but TAKE HEART!

Psalm 59:10 says, “God will go before me.”

I have a Bob Goff “Love Does” daily calendar sitting on the desk in my dorm room, & this very verse was Bob’s bit of inspiration for me today. Schedules this time of year are crazy–especially in the midst of trying to balance studying & fitting in times with friends before leaving for the summer. Through it all, Jesus reminds me that even in my most stressed out moments, God has gone before me! His ways are SOVEREIGN & He has big plans. He is not leaving us, nor forsaking us–even when we’re drowning in homework before we can even start studying for final exams. Trust me, I’ve been there too.

All your hard work these last few months are well worth it, & you’re almost done! (ALL the praise hands!!)

Your friends, family, & ZTA sisters believe in you–but more than anyone, God believes in you too. He’s on your team & He’s rooting for you all the way to the finish line. So let’s finish strong in strength that comes from Him alone. God goes before you & He’s leading you the whole way!

Best of luck on exams & happy almost summer!

xx, Ashley



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