crowned devotional – trade your worry

On my daily scroll of Pinterest today, I saw a quote that read:

“Trade your worry for worship and watch God make the mountain of anxiety bow down to him.”

In the midst of our individual lives, it is easy to forget that God places our own anxieties on His heavenly shoulders. At times we may find ourselves siting in the library crying under stacks of essays, tests, and projects; however, the pressure of the week does not stand alone. Pressed under the weight of school and personal struggle is a blanket of grace–A grace blanket laid upon God’s heavenly children.

Thus, we must remind ourselves that the Lord is our loving protector and advocate. If I’m having a bad day, my God is going to pick me up and place me in his lap, “whether I ask for it or not.”

Let me say that again…”whether I ask for it or not.” 🙂

In our relationship with God we are not asked to bring peace offerings and piles of forgiveness letters.

No, our Father in Heaven keeps our crowns straight even when our heads bow down under the mountain of anxiety. God wants to hold up our mountains of fret and fear, so that our crowns do not fall off. As long as we belong to the Heavenly King, we are the crowned daughters of Christ.

Therefore, model this action and hold up your fellow ziztas crown!

Pick a sister up and let her sit in your lap if need be. Let her tell you about her hurts and her dreams.

Before we were members of Zeta Tau Alpha, we were born with Heavenly crowns as daughters of the King. Now as members of Zeta Tau Alpha, we are given a place to wear our crowns even higher on our heads.

So, if you see that your sister’s crown is about to fall off and break because she has a huge anatomy test, JMC project, a boyfriend struggle, or just a bad day (because we all have those every once and awhile), hand her your own crown for double support. LIFT A ZIZTA UP!!!

~All my LOVE forever, Camille Brown


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