zeta day recap

Yesterday was a special day for our sisters in Delta Psi. It was Zeta Day! Zeta Day is an annual event that brings together Zetas from nearby collegiate and alumni chapters to learn and inspire sisterhood. This year Zeta Day was held at the super beautiful and picturesque Stone Bridge Farms in Cullman, Alabama. Once there, Zetas got the chance to score some sweet gifts, shop for some ZTA gear (represent ladies!), take some cute pics together, and win awards for our chapter!


Not only was it an opportunity to bond with our Delta Psi sisters, but also to meet other Zetas and take home some awards! Speaking of awards, congrats to our Zistas for bringing home several awards including the Public Relations Award, Outstanding Advisor Award, and the Spirit Award for being the loudest and proudest Zetas at Zeta Day! Way to go girls!! Shoutout to Amelia Floyd for reasserting our chapter as outstanding senior! Beyond the awards there were silent auctions for girls to take home fun baskets, coin wars, prizes, and more. All to make Zeta Day a truly special experience.


We have so much love for our sisters everywhere so getting to spend time with them was super special. Not to mention the sweet ceremony celebrating alumni who have been Zetas for up to fifty years. Or the beautifully inspiring speech from a breast cancer survivor that left no dry eyes in the house. Standing beside other chapters as they won awards, and watching alumni continue to do service in the name of ZTA filled our hearts with pride in our sisterhood. To end this day of all things ZTA, the different chapters of both collegians and alumni joined in a sisterhood circle, reminding us always, whether you be a new member or a member of fifty years, to keep Zeta Tau Alpha in our hearts.

// Written by Summer Shafer

fun photos from ZTA day!

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