zeta blog say what?!

So you’re probably wondering… what is a Zeta blog? Why is there a Zeta blog? I mean come on– we already have a website, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter…okay we have pretty much ALL of our social media covered amirite?

BUT, I think the bigger question is why not have a Zeta blog?

Hi, my name is Ashley Steiner and I am Samford ZTA’s historian. (Hi, Ashley). My job is to keep YOU informed about everything going on in our chapter, and so far I have loved every minute of it! I manage Delta Psi’s social media accounts and website, along with other various fun projects. Last year when I was a new member, I had the idea of starting a blog for our chapter (the “zlog” I called it LOL sorry not sorry). Now that I have the honor of serving Delta Psi as historian, I have the perfect opportunity to turn my zlog dreams into a reality! More than anything, my hope for this blog is to share the Zeta we know and love with others. Y’all, these girls are not only my sorority sisters, they have become lifelong friends!

This blog will highlight events, feature sisters, tell stories, share memories, inspire positivity, promote philanthropy, and rave about ZTA’s favorite things. Ultimately, it will give you a glimpse into a day in the life of a Samford Zeta. And you won’t just be hearing from me. Stay tuned for blog posts written by other Delta Psi’s too!

So here we go– I’m oh so excited for this journey to begin!

ZLAM // Ashley


notecard by ashley ink & paperie

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